Theatre From The Train

The event

The event comprises:


     You depart from Welshpool Raven Square Station on your chosen train.

The trains depart at:

10am returning at 12.32pm

11.40am returning at 13.58pm

13.10pm returning at 15.32pm

14.40pm returning at 16.58pm

16.05pm returning at 18.38pm

There are just 100 seats per train.

  A guide to help you enjoy the day

There will be a booklet to ensure you do not miss any of the adventure.18.38pm

On the journey

On the journey you will see amazing things happening, different in each direction!

      At Llanfair Caereinion

A time for you have a break and refreshments in our wonderful tearoom.

      Return journey

You return to Welshpool around 2 and half hours later from when you set off.

Bookings in advance essential.